Why join the journey?

Back in 2008, I realized that I had no idea what I was eating or why I was eating it.  I also realized that I was eating a ton of empty calories from sugar. I read a book that changed my life, and completely a 21-day dietary cleanse. From then on, I completely broke my addiction to sugar, and I know that you can too.

Because I wanted this to be a community of people who actively change their lives, I invited Kelli Wright and April Howton to join me in hosting.  Kelli, April, and their entire family have received huge benefits in their lives following the elimination of sugar, and I know you will find them as inspiring as I do.

What to expect?

Join with friends and family to cleanse your diet and reset your relationship with food.

Our relationship to food has become much more than eating for habit, convenience rather than for sustenance.  This cleanse will reset the compass by eliminating: gluten, processed sugar, alcohol, caffeine, meat and animal products.

Starting June 26 and ending July 16, 2017, you will join a team of people who want to change their lives and break free of addictions to sugar and unhealthy habits.  Lead by three women who have changed their lives by changing their diets, Dr. Lindsey Elmore,  Kelli Wright, April Howton will guide you on your journey.

What you will receive?

  1. Recipes for every day of the cleanse
  2. 3 Facebook Lives from Lindsey, Kelli and April that cover topics including: Why we do dietary cleanses, How to get the whole family involved, Common questions about plant-based eating, Raising healthy children, and more
  3. 1 Facebook Live from another participant on Success and Struggle Saturday
  4. Inspirational graphics and tips to stay on track
  5. A community to help you better your life
  6. A new perspective on food and yourself

Your Host                                       Special Guests

Lindsey Elmore                                      Kelli Wright                              April Howton


So, are you ready to be brave and join the community of cleansers? Let’s go!